BreedX is a top level breeding company that is engaged in developing products with unique traits that create an efficient “Go-To-Market” approach.

BreedX focuses on the specific needs of its customers and supports them in all their steps including product-profile definition and crop-growing protocol in order to ensure maximization of the genetic potential and to secure both quality and quantity.

Our innovative breeding methodology will help you to:

BreedX  is the answer!

Create your own unique, "Tailor- Made" product

Increase your profitability

improve the taste, yield and quality of your product

Solve your production and marketing challenges

There is a need for a new and improved approach to the breeder-grower-consumer relationship that will be quicker, cheaper and accessible to the vegetable production industry

BreedX’s business model is to supply its partners with tailor-made breeding services. Once a variety is selected for commercialization, a business partnership will be formed based on efficient and exclusive supply-chain, offering high quality product all year around.

Our Go-to-Market Approach based on two main aspects



While our world is changing, growers constantly face new challenges, both biotic and abiotic

While the life-cycle of varieties becomes shorter, consumers constantly demand new and innovative products

While supermarkets get stronger and breeding costs get higher, the supply chain gets shorter and shorter

Shortening the


Creating intimacy with the

growers and the market

Design your product: 

BreedX-developed varieties will not be available on the open market, each Partner agreement being based on a “closed loop”, from varietal development through seedling production and crop cultivation to the produce marketing channels.

Enrich your product portfolio:

Exclusive arrangements for a pre-developed product - optimal for retailers, growers, shippers and supermarket chains.

The Need & the Solution

Business Models