•  Our customers get full exclusivity for their product.

  •  Using our unique breeding approach saves 40% of breeding costs.

  • Using our model shortens  the traditional breeding time by 50% (from 8-10 years to 4-5 years) which brings greater accuracy in defining the product.

  • High flexibility both in breeding and go-to-market approach.

  • Our products are produced and supplied all year around, based on B2B business model and structure in a “closed loop” strategy.

  • Our products have the potential to achieve higher yields based on a specific fit between scion and rootstock.

Economic Advantages

  • As a client, you will have the control over the product profile - you will define your product and choose its unique characteristics.

  • Our product will be specifically adapted to your production area.

  Tailor-Made Product

  • All our products are of high quality and each of them is one of a kind.

  • Together with our partners we will cultivate the crop, secure high standard, quality and uniform product and will market it via exclusivity marketing channels.

  • We bring with us the highest production standards and structured growth protocol.

Elite & Premium Product