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About Us

Breedx is an Israeli seed company focusing on specialty vegetables with consumer benefits. We develop, promote, and commercialize premium varieties that bring key and unique added value to all our partners along the fresh produce supply chain.

​Our leading product line is the Sweet Seedless Pepper (SLP) – branded Pepperito®. Pepperito® has excellent flavor and crunchy flesh and its unique added value is that it is 100% seedless. For consumers, it is a fresh & healthy snack with no need to dispose of seeds when consumed fresh, used as a salad ingredient, or stuffed.

Our second product line is tasty tomatoes in different sizes, with a unique combination of colors, shapes, sugar/acid balance and shelf life, a tasty treat produced under GSPP certification for consumers around the world.

Our products

Have a look at our sweet, 100% seedless pepper and tasty tomato portfolio.

We breed and market varieties that:

  • Have unique appearance and superior taste

  • Deliver consistent fruit quality

  • Can be cultivated in a wide range of climatic conditions

  • Provide a significant extension of the crop cycle

  • Increase yield

Lior Carmeli
B.A. // CEO

Lior has extensive experience in agriculture, he has been working in the industry since1996, particularly in the vegetable seed sector. From 2011 to 2020, Lior held commercial and portfolio management roles in the Monsanto/Bayer vegetable seeds business.

Ohad Zuckerman
B.Sc. Ag. & MBA // Chairman of the Board

Ohad, who began his career in the seed industry in 1989, is the former CEO of Zeraim Gedera, a leading Israeli seed company. He led its development from a local family company to a multinational corporation, as well as its sale to Markstone in 2005 and to Syngenta in 2007.

 Moshe Bar
Ph.D.  // CTO & Director

Moshe has years of experience in the seed industry as a breeder, and later as VP R&D at Zeraim Gedera and Global Head of Scouting and Crop Lead Pepper at Syngenta. In the past, he served as the CTO of "Golden Leaf Holdings," and today, he serves as the CEO and founder of Biotagate.

Meet our team

Innovation, an easy word to say,

a less-than-easy promise to fulfill.

For consumers we, at Breedx, believe that we really do just that.

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