Who we are

BreedX is a new top- level platform for breeding superior varieties of selected crops with added values to all members in the value chain.

BreedX presents a paradigm shift in breeding , to enable development of varieties that match the market needs, taking less than half the time and costs of current methods.

What we do

Why Us

BreedX present a new, fast, flexible breeding approach combining unique traits with innovative breeding methodologies with strong focus on customer needs.

Our products

Have a look at our new seedless pepper portfolio.

Breeding For


BreedX seeks to collaborate with large grower cooperatives and retailers wishing to own elite exclusive varieties, to create competitive advantages of high-value vegetables in the global markets.

BreedX Multiplies Genetic Potential

Cultivation in a wide range of climatic conditions

Significant extension of crop cycle

Improved taste

Improved yield

Improved quality

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