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Our Vision

Our vision is to expand consumers' choice of veggies by continuously offering unique, innovative, flavorful and specialty products that are fun & tasty to consume. 

Our Mission

Our mission is to breed and market innovative, “consumer-oriented" specialty products with added value to all our supply chain partners. 

Breedx is the answer!

Breedx looks for creative solutions to its customers’ specific needs of and supports them at all stages of the crop cycle, from planning to marketing, in order to help them maximize the genetic potential of the varieties and achieve high quality, high marketable yields.

Breedx’s innovative approach is evident in its marketing approach.  Breedx tailors exclusive production and commercialization channels to enable its partners to differentiate themselves and improve their profitability along the fresh produce supply chain.

A Solution That Fits Your Needs

Our varieties are not available on the open market. Each partner agreement is based on a “tailored closed loop,” from the choice of the right variety through seedling production and crop cultivation to the produce marketing channels.

Enrich your product portfolio

We offer unique varieties for Growers, Shippers and Retailers, who want to differentiate themselves from their competitors.

Our Go-to Market approach

We create market pull with branded products that attract consumers.

We implement a new approach to the breeder - grower/shipper - consumer relationship that is quicker, more profitable, and more accessible to all our business partners along the vegetable supply chain.

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