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Our Tomatoes

Consumers look for the "WOW" factor, an unexpected, delicious flavor, a mouthwatering balance between sweet and slightly acidic. The genetic material being used in Breedx programs provides exactly that!

Our tomato varieties are suitable for both single-fruit and cluster harvest. The fruit is characterized by exceptional taste, which is achieved by a combination of sugars and acids in the perfect balance for YOU. The fruits also have glossy, and attractive color combinations, such as a deep chocolate color with tinges of green, yellow, brown and red. All our tomato varieties are produced under GSPP certification.

Our Peppers

Seedless Pepper (SLP) - The SLP project is a world breakthrough.

Breedx is a leading company in the seedless pepper segment, supplying seeds and not seedlings.


All our varieties are bred using classic and traditional seed breeding techniques without any genetic modification (non-GMO).

For the Grower:

Profitable yield - with the absence of seeds, the vigor of the plant is directed to fruit setting, and thus productivity is constantly increased.

Tolerance to abiotic stress - our seedless pepper varieties produce fruits even under difficult conditions for fruit setting, such as extreme temperatures (both cold and hot) or high humidity.

All-year-round production – consumers (and therefore supermarket chains) demand all year-round supply. This can be achieved with our high yielding varieties that perform well in different climatic conditions.

For the Consumer:

Taste - our Pepperito® is tasty, crunchy, healthy, and sweet. 

Fun – the Pepperito® brand includes a wide selection of fruit types, in different sizes, colors and shapes, adapted to match a range of consumption habits, such as snacks, healthy school lunch treats, impressive stress-free entertaining, minimal waste cooking, family picnics, and more.

Convenience - saves time and effort -   Pepperito® peppers have no seeds to dispose of prior to consumption – 100% seedless.

SLP advantages

  • Our focus is to offer consumers a point of difference, both in appearance and flavor.

  • Our varieties are grown and supplied all year around.

All our products are of high quality, and each of them is unique.

We closely support our Growers’ Club to secure high quality fruit standards and uniformity.

Our branded products are marketed via tailored marketing channels.

Our market-pull strategy increases the profitability for all our partners.

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