small and medium fruit weight

30-120 gr

very small fruit

weight up to 40 gr

from 8cm length

and upwards

Seedless Pepper (SLP)

The SLP project is a “world breakthrough”.

To date, only BreedX deals with this advanced stage of seedless peppers.

Derived from twelve years of development in Syngenta and continued by BreedX, SLP contains a unique set of genetic traits that opens new horizons for pepper varieties.

SLP is a combination of two natural components of pepper - Male Sterility and Parthenocarpy (the ability of the pepper to set fruit without pollination).


The breeding itself is based on classic techniques of crossing and selection without any genetic modification (Non-GMO).

SLP advantages

Taste wise - SLP is unique, tasty and very sweet. Convenience - Saves Time and Effort- The SLP is seedless which mean that customers do not need for internal cleaning before use.

Versatility in consumption - a wide range of fruit types, in sizes, in colors, in shapes, adapted to match the customer’s personal consumption habits such as health snacks for school kids, entertaining guests, cooking with minimum waste, family picnics, and more.

Higher yield - with the absence of seeds, the vigor of the plant is directed to fruit setting and thus productivity is constantly increased.

Abiotic tolerance - SLP plants have shown an increased capability to produce fruits under difficult conditions for fruit setting, such as extreme temperatures (both cold and hot) or high humidity.

All year long product

For the Grower:
For the Customer:

Strong resilient plant type, adapted to long-cycle cultivation.

Rainbow Colors (Red, Yellow, orange).

Very sweet and crispy taste.

BreedX has an exclusive license from Syngenta that focuses on three
seedless pepper segments.

All SLP segment have three traits in common :


The ever-growing demand of consumers for improved quality of the fresh market tomato has led BreedX to focus breeding efforts towards the improvement of fruit taste by using genetic material that is quantitatively and qualitatively unique with respect to its sugar profile and acid ratio.